Names of Khatushyamji


Names Of Khatushyamji:

1. Lakhdataar:

One who never hesitates to give his devotees whatever they need and ask for.

2.Khatu Naresh(The king of Khatu):

One who rules Khatu and the whole universe.



Khatushyam’s childhood name was Barbarika. His mother and relatives used to call him by this name before the name Shyam was given by Krishna.

4.Sheesh Ke Daani(Donor Of Head):

As per the legend related above.


Barbarika was the son of Mother Morvi and Nandan means son so he is called MorviNandan.

6.Teen Baan Dhaari:

Reference is to the three infallible arrows that he received as boon from God Shiva. These arrows were sufficient to destroy the whole universe. The title written below these three arrows is Maam Sevyam Parajitah.


Names of khatushyamji

7.Haare Ka Sahara(Supporter of the defeated):

Upon his mother’s advise, Barbarika resolved to support whoever has less power and is losing. Hence he is known by this name.

8.Leele Ke Aswaar(Rider of Leela):

Being the name of his blue-coloured horse. Many call it Neela Ghoda or “blue horse.”

9.Kalyug Ke Avtaari:

As per Krishna he will be the God who will save good people in the era of Kalyug.


10.Shyam Pyarey:

The God who loves all and all love him, the spiritual relationship between bhakt and bhagwan called nishkaam pyaar/prem.


Shree Khatu Shyam Mantra

Jay Shri Shyam Devay Namah!

Om Shyam Devay Barbareekay Haraye Paramatmane!

Pranatah Kleshanashay Suhridayay Namo Namah!

Maha Dhanurdhara Veer Barbareekay Namah!

Shri Morvaye Namah!

Shri Morvi Nandanay Namah!

Om Suhridayay Namo Namah!

Shri Khatu Nathay Namah!

Morvaye Namah!

Shri Shishadaneswaray Namah!

Om Shri Shyam Sharanam Mamah!

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