About Shyam Premi:

Devotees of Khatushyamji are called Shyam Premi.We are Shyam Devotees and our aim is to promote the Shyam name all over the world.You all must know that now there are temples of Khatushyamji at various places, one of them is our Budh Vihar Khatushyam Temple.

Our Budh Vihar Khatushyam temple is very famous, you can easily find it on Google Map.Shyam devotees come here from far and wide to have darshan of Khatushyamji.

Many programs take place in the temple premises like Kirtan of Shyam Baba on every Ekadashi.Devotees submit their request to shyam baba.

There is also a shyam rasoi in the temple which provides food service as a bhandara .