Story of khatu Shyam Ji

At first, people were shocked to see that milk was coming out of the cow’s udder on its own then people dug that place they found a buried head.Later on, they handed that buried head to a Brahmin who worshiped to that for years.Later, the king of Khatu Roopsingh Chauhan dreamt to build a temple(Khatushyam mandir) and place the head in that temple itself.(On this page here’s a Story of khatushyamji )

Through this way, the Khatushyam mandir was built on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha which is also known as the bright half month of Falgun.Some have a different story about the construction of this temple which states that Roopsingh Chauhan who was the king of Khatu and his wife Narmada Kunwar saw a dream of deity in which he instructed them to take his image out of the earth. Later, when the place which is also known as Shyam Kund as of now when dug up, they found the idol of which they built a temple on that particular place.

Originally, the temple was constructed in 1027 AD by the king of Khatu and his wife. The place where they found the idol was known as Shyam Kund. Then in 1720 AD, Diwan Abhai Singh who was the ruler of Mewar renovated the temple.The temple which is at present took its place at that time only and also it is made up of a very rare stone.The architecture of this temple is very deep and is built with pure white marble of Makrana, tiles and lime motor.  Its architecture is extremely unique. 

Story of khatushyamji