Here is a complete story about Who is khatushyam ji?Khatushyamji”s childhood name was barbarik.They had learned the art of war from his mother morvi and Lord Shri Krishna.After that he received three unfailing arrows from Maa Durga with which Shyam Baba could victory over all the three worlds.After this they also became famous by the name of three arrows.

The war of Mahabharata was going on between kauravas and pandavas.Barbarik got information about this on this he also expressed his desire to join the war and reached to receive blessings from his mother during this barbarik promised his mother to support the losing side.Barbarik rode on his blue horse and went towards kurushetra with three arrows and a bow.Shri Krishna knew that Barbarik would fight the war on behalf of the losing side, then Shri Krishna planned to stop him from joining the war.The defeat of kauravas is certain in the war of mahabharata.In such a situation,if barbarik would fight on behalf of the kauravas side,the results would be different.

Who is khatushyam ji?

In such a situation,shri krishna appeared in front of barbarik in the guise of a brahmin without knowing barbarik their real identity of shri krishna.When barbarik told himself about going to war,shri krishna laughed at him that he was going to fight the war of mahabharata with just three arrows.On this barbarik said that these three arrows are not ordinary arrows.Victory can be obtained in war with just one arrow.


 On this shri krishna challenged him to pierce the leaves of a tree present there.Barbarik accepted the challenge and took out one arrow from his quiver and shot it towards the leaves of the tree.The arrow piered all the leaves of the  tree in a moment and then arrow started circling around shri krishna’s feet,because shri krishna had hidden a leaf under his feet.On this barbarik asked shri krishna to remove his feet.Otherwise this arrow will pierce his leg as well.After this shri krishna asked barbarik from which side he would join the war.On this barbarik reiterated the promise given to his mother and said to fight on behalf of the weak and losing side.On this shri krishna expressed his desire for barbarik charity.On this barbarik promised him charity and asked him to ask for charity.Shri krishna asked barbarik for the donation of his head.Barbarik donated his head on the Dwadashi of falgun month.For this reason he was also called sheesh ka daani.